Are You Enough?


Have you ever heard the saying, ‘treat the janitor like the CEO’? It’s one I have used before myself but on closer inspection, highlights – I believe – one of the problems facing us today.

This saying is the first source of inspiration for this post.

The second is a Facebook post I saw yesterday, which stated quite simply, ‘you are enough’. I have been reflecting on the themes revealed in both of these and seeing the Facebook post seemed like a sign it was time to write.

Oh, and the third source of inspiration is the regular motivational quotes and posters I see, telling me to sweat blood and tears if I want to be something or fulfil the incredible destiny awaiting me.

So, let’s dig a little deeper…

On the one hand ‘we are enough’.

And on the other we should be waking up at an ungodly hour, working until 10pm, which inevitably means neglecting friends and family, and making other incredible sacrifices to become ‘someone’ or ‘something’ of which we can be proud.

Hmmm…no wonder we are lost and confused?

I believe the inconsistencies in these messages are key contributors to the personal discomfort many of us struggle with today. In the eyes of a world which values house size, income, job title and looks many of us rarely feel ‘enough’.

Why else would we have a saying like the one I opened with?

The only reason can be is that; in general, we perceive one to be a lesser individual than the other. To me, the saying creates a ‘treat this person nicely even though he or she is a janitor’ kind of vibe. Though you may feel differently.

In relation to this we must also consider what we mean when we say ‘you’ are enough!

For the spiritual out there, if you take ‘you’ to be the soul, then, yes, ‘you’ are enough. Always have been always will be. Your soul would not debate or doubt this fact – ever.

However, the physical you embedded in a physical and material world often defined by the opinions and judgements of others is not so sure. The lofty definitions of what it means to be successful in contemporary times make us even more uncertain in regards to our self-worth.

The danger is that because we spend so much time suffering and sacrificing to become something others would think is impressive and world changing, we never quite work out who we really are and how best to share this with the world!

This is why I love the phusion living approach to life!

You do the sincere work to discover who you are and how best to express this – and then set about doing it! Wholeheartedly and fully!

For adults giving advice to young people and others in the ‘motivation’ space perhaps make sure when you share your wisdom it encourages people to discover who they are, not what you think they should be! To do otherwise may well be taking the people who trust you further away from the contentment and joy that comes from self-discovery and full expression.

For you personally, as you embark on your own journey of self-discovery, be sure your search is not taking you on a path others have designed for you. Very rarely will this lead you to who you truly are.

It is important to note there is no right or wrong here!

If a person believes that personal sacrifice and noble suffering is the path to great material wealth, an incredible body and status then that is totally fine! If this is who they are and what they believe and they are fully expressing it – perfect! But it is important to realise this may not be the right path for others.

Likewise, if a simple and quiet family life is the full expression for another then this, too, is perfect for them! But, again, maybe not for others.

Upon reflection, maybe we need to drop the quote about janitors and CEOs and opt for something more generic like, ‘treat everyone with respect’. I think this is the actual essence of the message anyway and dropping the labels creates honesty and authenticity.

Discovering who you are and fully expressing this may well be the meaning of life or at least the key to happiness and living a connected and aligned life.

I hope you are finding true contentment, joy and satisfaction in the way you are expressing your life!

Oh by the way, have you considered what the full expression of your life might look like? Give it some thought and see what you come up with.

Here’s to your full expression!



PS – As I was writing this post in one of my favourite cafes the band playing sang the following lyrics, ‘you don’t need to be a high achiever to be a happy golden retriever’. I thought that was pretty cool and appropriate.

PPS – In writing this my memory drifted back to the janitor of a school at which I used to work. He loved his work and sang joyfully as he moved from space to space, cleaning away to his heart’s content.

Most Wednesdays I would visit him, along with his magpie friends, while he munched away contentedly on his morning tea of sandwiches and coffee outside the chapel.

He was a passionate family man, adored by his wife and children for the incredible man he was.

The wisdom he shared with me in our conversations remains some of the most valuable I have heard on the subject of contentment and happiness.

He was one of my greatest teachers and someone who expressed himself wholeheartedly in many areas of his life, with no heed to the judgement of others.

My friend, you had life sussed. You were definitely enough and you knew it!