In my previous post I encouraged you to take a three-hour ‘reclining’ session. I’ve been wondering how people might have reacted to that length of time. If you fired up a little at the thought, as in ‘when would I ever get the time to do that?’ Or came up with a myriad of reasons why you couldn’t do it, then chances are you need to take some time out more than most.

This post, which I hope is a little less lengthy than the last one, will cover some of the reasons why I think taking time out to recline is a great thing to do.

We live life at a hectic pace and many people I talk to would dearly love to have more time on their hands, for many reasons. Some to work more, some to have more time with friends and family, some to exercise more and others simply just to be. This post will address this last one – taking time out just to be!

To be what, you ask? To be you! Trimmed of all the distractions, trimmed of all your goals, trimmed of all your passions, trimmed of all your vices, trimmed of everything that provides the evidence you exist, trimmed right down to all that there really is. Trimmed down to you.

Taking such a space for a lengthy time can be like a roller coaster ride. Highs and lows and ups and downs overwhelm you as you sift through the maze of impostors trying to conceal who you really are.

In this space, the miracles come thick and fast. Sometimes it is in the form of creative ideas, sometimes in the form of an epiphany that just might change your life.

Taking some time out, free from distractions, allows you to check in with how your life is going. You can reflect on your work, your relationships and reconnect with the things that you value in life. You will consider your health; you will wonder if you’re spending enough time with the people you love and will question whether or not the way you are spending your time is in alignment with who you are.

This process can also be very scary as you may find out that you have forgotten who you are. Maybe you have never known. Scary as it may seem, this is also beneficial as it will be the catalyst of a return to basics – which is what phusion living is all about!

Another benefit of stepping back is that it provides a gateway into the land of opportunity. You begin to consider important clues you may well have missed if you were in the heat of the battle, the battle to attain a goal, which may or may not be what you really desire.

In this space you also become open to spontaneity and begin to think about those things that used to spark your curiosity and your sense of play.

In short, this space is the creative space, where answers to unsolved mysteries are revealed and the light within begins to shine outwards.

I am going to finish by talking about one other point. Many people are currently writing about spirituality and their belief in a higher power. It is a cool thing to do! No problem there. Only, we often forget one of the essential requirements of being spiritual.


This space is the place of faith. It is where faith resides. It is a place of trust. Whether we feel lost and confused or switched on and focused taking time out allows us to dream and to open our hearts and minds to the possibility that perhaps we can flow gently in the direction of our truth, rather than rely on tough action and dynamic assertiveness.

Please don’t mistake this for one minute, as me saying you can meditate your way to where it is you are heading, or that you can ‘recline’ your way to achieving your goals.

Not at all! Action is critical. However, if we look to the spiritual leaders and how they behaved in moments of crisis you will quite often find that before action, they chose meditation and prayer. This allowed them to clear away the distractions I mentioned earlier, paving the way for brave and decisive action, in line with who they are.

So, you’ve nothing to lose (except 3 hours of your time) and everything to gain by ‘reclining’ for a few hours! At the very least you will truly contemplate something you may not have visited for quite some time. And that is the simple question, ‘how do I feel?’

How do you feel, by the way? Don’t answer this now and don’t answer this out loud! Answer it on the inside!

Good Luck and happy reclining!


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