Our Symbol



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The Symbol

The symbol, or ‘phusion wheel’, is a simple black and white visual representation of the philosophy. Each element has been chosen carefully to provide visual clarity on the concepts within the philosophy.

YOU are represented in the middle. Here, YOU, refers to the whole being – mind, body, spirit and soul.

 ‘Rays of Phusion

 The ‘lines that extend from the centre are the rays of phusion. The word ‘ray’ was chosen because of its relationship to light and because the verb of the word carries the following definition – to spread from or as if from a central point.

 The rays are the physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and creative expression of all that you are – segmented for clarity but in truth interconnected and, hopefully, integrated. The sixth ray represents the connectedness and oneness of all. This relates to one of the philosophies core beliefs – that everything is connected.

The Outer Circle

 The rays are connected to an outer circle, which represents all humanity and everything that exists in the world around us. Understanding this allows the philosophy to become a unifying one, which opens the door for differences to be respected and understood, rather than a source of division between various races and cultures. And just as our expression and contribution enriches and nourished the lives of those around us, so to does the expression and contribution nourish us. Love is an eternal cycle in a constant state of flow through each of us, ever ready to be tapped into and embodied through our actions.

 In essence, the philosophy is a simple one.

You are connected to everyone and everything around you and it is this understanding that guides your actions and expression. In this philosophy you act for the greater good of all, rather than for your own betterment. And in doing so you increase the likelihood you will live with peace in your heart and deep meaning in your life.


Image by Joshua Earle