Phusion Gets Down to Business

Allowing busy workers to take some space is a great way to say thank you - pic Helen Savvas

Recently, the Phusion team hosted our first Phusion CORPORATE event for 2016.

It was amazing to see 30 professional and spirited people attack the day wholeheartedly.

Not one knew what awaited them. And in true Phusion spirit the leadership team remained anonymous and camouflaged within the group.

The day was not about the company’s ‘bottom end’. It was not about creating another ‘slideshow day’ spewing out the same clichéd and out-dated information we have all seen in the past.

The day was about nurturing the hearts, souls and dreams of the staff. It was about helping the staff ‘find their voice’ at the office and in their daily lives – the full expression if you like.

It was humbling to see this wonderful team embrace the phusion philosophy so wholeheartedly, but even better to work with leaders committed to investing in the personal lives of those they hope will give their all.

I only share this tale as a segue into a prediction. I believe this innovative event points towards an inevitable shift in the world of business. Even though you may feel lucky to work where you do, your workplace will be lucky to have you. And they will need to demonstrate this in the way they treat you.

Our goal was to breathe life and purpose into the physical, spiritual (whether they knew it or not) and creative worlds of the staff, to guide them towards a more fulfilling personal performance in every area of their life. The message was loud and clear – where are you heading and how can we help.

If I am right, and there is a widespread shift in our approach to business, what changes can we expect to see? My guess is the following:

  • Greater equality in the workplace
  • Acknowledgement and acceptance of innovating thinking of those working within the company – rather than spending a fortune on consultants
  • Leaders placed under equal scrutiny to other staff
  • An increase in consideration and thoughtfulness for the personal lives of staff
  • Personal lives valued more than business results
  • Non-negotiable integrity, openness and honesty on the part of executive staff – anything less and the financial fortune and careers of those responsible for deceit and manipulation will come crashing down
  • Yoga classes and mindfulness workshops in the workplace becoming far more common place
  • Leaders adopting a ‘leadership by example’ model to inspire those in their care to give their best (as Confucius would say, ‘the higher you are the longer your shadow’)

This is just to name a few.

There are exciting times ahead in business and I welcome these changes as they reflect the shift in consciousness currently occurring around the world. And that is we are all treated with respect.

Most of us experience a workplace that makes us feel ‘full’. Our ‘to-do’ lists grow at a rate much faster than the rate we can complete them and the resultant burnout is inevitable. Creating personal development experiences that take the heat off staff and allow them to take space to reconnect with themselves and express who they are is an effective way of saying ‘thank you’ for all you do.

Such an approach might also play a key role in helping businesses hold onto their top talent, which is becoming harder and harder as desire for fulfilment in the workplace becomes more widespread.

The changes mentioned above will also offers leaders who have used less than appropriate methods of leadership in the past a shot at redemption. I say a ‘shot’ because I suspect we are heading towards an era of learn or perish when it comes to leadership in business.

With that said however, workers also be warned…your business will be required to look after you, but when you are there you will be required to work to your full capacity. Your single-pointed focus, energy and enthusiasm will be as obligatory as the care and concern of your boss. So you had better give it everything as well.