Phusion Philosophy


I was inspired to create the Phusion Philosophy to heal what was wrong within my own life.

My own challenges in finding peace and authenticity simply reflected greater problems with the world at large.

These are problems we all face. We are all equal in our need to evolve and grow and express our inner truth.

Phusion is about returning to what is natural, simple and balanced: expressing your inner energy and accepting your path with love and gratitude.

The Phusion Philosophy is inspired by nature and the flow of life energy.

The intention is to balance six elements of our life energy:

  1. The Physical
  2. The Emotional
  3. The Intellectual
  4. The Creative
  5. The Spiritual
  6. Connectedness

This sixth element of connectedness addresses our ability to connect with our family, with ourselves, with our truth, and with each moment.

The goal of Phusion Living is to fuse these elements to support us in our fullest expression.

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When we express ourselves and our energy, we are healed. The need for therapy and medications is greatly reduced: we become whole by embracing all of what we are.

Phusion seeks to help you sincerely investigate and discover who you are. This is the first step in living your fullest potential and accepting your truth, and this knowledge forms the basis of how you come to express your energy fully and wholeheartedly.

Armed with self-knowledge and self-acceptance, our values shift towards making choices that are good for all people and the planet – not just our own short term gain.

This requires trust: a trust in our own powers, and a trust in the powers greater than us. When we live in alignment with the positive energies, and make aware choices, we come to experience that all is well. This alignment to love for yourself and the world heals the body and creates inner radiance. All our actions and choices radiate with our inner love.

Phusion Living moves beyond judgment and into acceptance of who you are, and who others are, seeing the gifts in life as it is.

From this awareness, we can embrace all people and situations as opportunities for growth, making aware and loving choices for the benefit of everything. This philosophy makes us naturally courageous and forgiving, because we become liberated from judgment and fear.

Phusion Living is the result of my life’s work, and I’m delighted to be able to share it with you.



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Image by Joshua Earle