Raw #1

Raw #1 – This Conversation – Audio/Music/Philosophy

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‘Be honest

An open heart

An open mind

Bleed from your soul and tell me what’s inside’


– quote taken from ‘This Conversation’ by Timothy James Guthrie © 2014

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Product Description

‘Raw’ is a collection of music, musings, poetry and philosophy and dreams from the world of Timothy James Guthrie.

Raw because they are all recorded in one single recording with no prior planning or preparation at all. No thought and no contemplation. What comes out, comes out from beginning to end. So this song has not been written, it has been sung!

‘This Conversation’ is a scratchyish song on a scratchyish sound file, if it’s OK
to invent a word. However, it’s much more than a scratchy sound file, it has a great message. You just might be surprised.

It gives pretty good insight into what is wrong with the world today, and what needs to be done about it. It’s a great philosophical piece about love, oneness  and what these things really mean.


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