The Greatest Story Ever Told Could Be Yours

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How often it is that human beings would prefer to attach to and defend their opinion on something, rather than explore it with an open mind and a fire for truth.

‘The Greatest Story Ever Told Could be Yours’ puts religion and spirituality aside and asks, ‘what can we learn from a man who was prepared to suffer the most brutal and agonising of deaths for what he believed?

My guess is quite a lot. Like him or not, the man has a lot to teach us…as did those around him.

Product Description

Who do you believe yourself to be and how committed are you to becoming exactly what this is? These questions are explored in the ‘The Greatest Story Ever Told Could be Yours’

‘Who was Jesus?’

‘And was he real?

These questions have been studied and debated for the past 2000 years, since the time when the historical Jesus walked the earth. Many have fought and died for their belief in him.

This weekend people all over the world will celebrate Easter. Which in essence is to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus. I believe is that if we are going to celebrate something then we should understand it. To understand something is to examine it for what it is, not get lost and muddled over what something is not.

What if we were able to put our beliefs about Jesus aside? What if we were able to view his story for what it was – one of the greatest ever, and actually drew inspiration from the treasures within it to improve the way we lived?

I have drawn inspiration from many stories – some real and others not-so-real – and that is what this ‘Phusion Mini’ does with the Easter Story.

It examines the events leading up to the crucifixion of Jesus and the role each character played in the story. It does this by asking, ‘What can we learn from this story and how does it apply to our lives today.

Read on and you just might discover the story you enjoy celebrating at Easter each year offers much more than chocolate. And perhaps that it is more relevant today than ever before.


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