In Part 1 of our Goal of Life series we established that the goal of life is to become the best version of ourselves possible – whether we perceive ourselves as spiritual or not. It is my opinion that it is only important to achieve this goal so that your own eyes and heart be satisfied with what you become – and not the eyes and hearts of others.


Because it is our desire to become what others expect us to be and our desire to impress others by creating an imposter that has become a major source of our disconnection in the first place.

Let’s pause for a second. Seriously! Read the following question and answer it in your head before continuing.

What do you think will provide the pathway for you to attain the goal of becoming the best imaginable version of yourself?

 Probably the very things that scare you and the very things you feel you don’t do so well at in life. I could go on forever about how I believe our challenges and perceived weaknesses are the very source of our personal liberation and graduation to who we really are – and I will in my forthcoming book Phusion Living: The full expression of our lives – but for now I will try and keep things quick and practical.

Let’s look at our life cycle. You are born perfect and pure in terms of what you need for this life. And then the corruption starts! Or does it? Perhaps if we shifted our thinking about the events of our lives we might see things differently. I don’t believe we are corrupted. In many cases we are getting just what we ordered – the events and challenges that, should we take them on and overcome them, reveal more of who we really are when everything else is stripped away.

More questions! Sorry about this post! It’s actually starting to come across like a test! Anyway, let’s push on!

How can we show courage if there is nothing to be courageous about? How can we inspire others if we don’t do anything inspirational? How can we be inspirational if life doesn’t throw us a situation in which to act in an inspirational manner? Do you see what I am getting at? The very things we allow to break us and frustrate us are the very things that will promote us to a higher level of living. Too often today we ask ‘how can we protect each other from such horrible things?’ What we should be asking is ‘how can we get through these things and emerge stronger and more confident for the experience?’ Or, ‘how can we learn to embrace our challenges with a smile, and with gratitude?’

I told you I could go on forever!

Okay – how about a starting point for moving towards achieving the goal of becoming a better version of yourself? Write down 4 things that you would like to improve in your life and meditate (reflect, think, ponder, whatever works best for you) for 5 minutes a day on why you put them on your list and what your life might look like if you were able to address these issues.

That’s it! If it helps mine are:





That’s it for now – 4 things, 5 minutes a day, see you soon for Part 3.



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