What do you Fight For?

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What do you fight For?

Or perhaps, if this feels more suitable and relevant to you, what do you fight against?

How the question is phrased is not worth debating because it’s what lies at the heart of the question that is important – to you, to me and to everyone.

I use the word fight here, but I use it with innocence and purity. I have not used it to create disturbance, or to motivate you or to incite a mindset of violence.

By fight, I simply refer to a determined and focused contribution or dedicated service toward something you believe in or care about.

So, do you have an answer?

What are the things you care about, believe in or would like to see more of in the world?

Or maybe ‘who needs you’ is a better question in your situation.

Now while you are contemplating these questions don’t fall into the trap of measuring or judging the size of your service.

If you have a family, then taking care of them and contributing to a peaceful and harmonious home might be your cause.

Making sure your family has enough food on the table might be your cause.

Playing well each Saturday for your football team might be the cause you are fighting for at the moment.

Positive contributions to groups such as a family, a business or sports teams are an incredibly powerful way of remembering you as an individual are not the axis upon which the earth spins.

They teach you that more often than not what you want isn’t necessarily what the team needs, or the family needs, or the business needs.

You may feel called to make a stand in several areas at the one time, but still, this doesn’t have to create anxiety or overwhelm. You will only ever be able to do what you can at any given time, and this demands a loving, accepting and forgiving attitude towards yourself.

This situation can also teach you that sometimes you may need to let go of an attachment in one area of your life to make a more wholehearted contribution in another.

This is called having a single-pointed focus – or yoga, if you like!

Remember when each of us works and contributes toward even the smallest of causes we collectively make a massive impact in the world – that’s how we roll in Team Planet Earth.

It is not up to you to make the world a better place. It’s up to us! Every little contribution helps.

So, do you have an answer to the question at the beginning? What do you fight for?

Can you name it?

Or name them, should there be more than one.

And now write down all the actions that are evidence you are actually fighting for this cause and write down all of your actions that would indicate that you aren’t, in actual fact, fighting for this cause after all.

So, practising what you preach? Or are you just spouting out righteous lip candy?

What do I fight for? Or in some cases what do I fight against? If you would really like to know you can check out my new site, wwwrustyguthrie.com. I will be answering these questions there over the next couple of days.

Love Tim aka Rusty G

PS – Oh there is a PS, and it is a massive one. And that is to remind you that it is the fight that is important. It is your contribution to a cause you believe in that is important – not changing the world. Doing something because it feels right is what will bring the peace and harmony to your heart. Attachment to the result may bring suffering.

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