A tale of two…


As a yogi, I have spent a lot of time on the mat – much of it managing injuries from adventurous but reckless pursuits – trying to bridge that gap between what the intellect knows and the heart and soul actually feel. In class, in our writings and in conversation many yogis uphold that their physical practice, or asana, is one pathway to what could be considered a divine or more enlightened version of themselves.


Here we see the creation of two distinct realms in which we exist. One, which sees us operating on a distinctly human plane, clouded by maya, making the same mistakes again and again (I hope its not just me that does this), seized by fear and anxiety, wanting to be loved and adored so much that we let what others think dictate our behaviour and guide our decision making. Nothing wrong with that, only that every time we step on the mat we are committing to an upgrade and the true essence of this upgrade actually bears witness off the mat.


I say off the mat as I am coming from a yoga perspective, but regardless of the type of transformational tool we are using – we can only know if it is working by examining the actions we are taking in our day-to-day lives.


Now this all sounds a little metaphysical and serious so lets keep it simple (as everything should be). This is why two is such a great number. Not much room for confusion here.


Simply imagine there are two versions of you. There is the first version – the one that always makes the same mistakes, again and again. This is the one that hits snooze on the alarm in the morning instead of getting up and charging into their morning workout. This is the one that aimlessly wanders the world of social media for hours on end (I know, I know – cats doing silly things make for great entertainment) – but complains there is never enough time to get things done. This is the one that rarely says ‘no’ to naughty food cravings and this is the one that sits with friends talking smack about someone else behind their back.


Then, you have version two. This is the one that not only understands that the morning workout is good for you but has the discipline to get out of bed and attack it. This is the version of you that prioritises time wisely, exuding control over social media urges. This is the version of you that nurtures the soul with wholesome food choices, occasionally enjoying a guilt-free treat, and this is the version of you that would never gossip about someone behind their back because you know that you too have probably made the same mistakes as the person you are criticising.


Make sense?


Imagining two versions of you is an effective way to bring greater awareness to your decision-making and behaviour and to bring you into closer alignment with the things you really value in life.


So give it a go. Next time things get a little challenging or you have a tough decision to make, ask yourself what the more enlightened version of yourself would do and see if that helps. This has worked brilliantly with some of the athletes, students and artists I have worked with in the past, so parents, coaches and teachers might want to give it a go as well.


If nothing else, at least you will be making decisions from a place of awareness, rather than on autopilot or because you are a creature of habit.


Good luck and power to you!

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