Tim has more than 20 years experience working in education with young people and adults and began a yoga practice 17 years ago. He has extensive experience coaching health and fitness, adventure and leadership camps, facilitating professional developments for schools, businesses and community groups. During the last 10 years, ex-students and peers who needed support in times of transition have increasingly approached Tim. Phusion Living Philosophy has been shaped through accompanying and witnessing these people in the process of self-healing. Through word of mouth, Tim was invited to address larger audiences in schools, businesses, yoga conferences and athletic clubs. Phusion Living is an expansive philosophy that welcomes and unifies people from all walks of life.

Tim is an innovative leader in physical and spiritual wellbeing. In 2013 Tim was the recipient of the NEITA Inspirational Teaching Awards. Parents nominated him because he ‘works hard to nurture the emotional intelligence, self esteem, good health, fitness, curiosity and courage of our children and encourages them to dream big and follow those dreams.”

Tim has a unique ability to connect with a broad cross-section of the community. He is always looking for opportunities to collaborate with the phusion living philosophy as a strategic tool for personal, community and global health and wellbeing.

Phusion Living Philosophy has largely evolved from Tim’s own life experience and wisdom. This is a philosophy of action and acceptance that has allowed me to learn more about giving and receiving love. Through accepting the broad spectrum of the human experience, Tim has found himself more willing to be accepting of himself and others.

This philosophy has enabled Tim to explore, accept, and integrate the darker aspects of his personal life. The full revelation of the human experience is sometimes an uncomfortable balance of dark and light, or in other words joy and suffering.

Tim believes a personal journey into darkness is one of the most terrifying and beautiful journeys a person can undertake, and that doing so is integral to any personal search for enlightenment.

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Image by Michael Hull