Create and Express!


I caught up with some friends the other day and our conversation turned to the late David Bowie.

Upon hearing of his death recently, Scottish singer-songwriter Midge Ure stated, “We are all swimming in his wake, so I don’t think you could top, on creativity, and consistent creativity, I don’t think you could top… David Bowie.”

Many, as was the case with my friends, will miss David Bowie.

Creativity and its cultivation is one of the rays of phusion living but creativity did not stand alone as the reason Bowie changed lives, entertained and why he left us broken-hearted when he died.

No, it was the fact that Bowie expressed his creativity wholeheartedly with the world around him, which meant so much to so many.

If David Robert Jones remained safe within the confines of his bedroom, or garage, the world would not have felt such shock at his death. Nor would complete strangers to him feel like they have lost a hero and a loved one.

It was Bowie’s full expression of his beautiful gifts and talents that left us mesmerised, inspired and, more recently, devastated.

David Bowie knew who he was and shared it with the world. The fame, the wealth and all that came with his full expression were just add-ons.

As my friend Ken would say, ‘Expressing your creativity is an incredible way to plant a flag in the ground and boldly state, here I am’ – strengths and weaknesses included.

Of course, to fully express who you are, you need to know who you are.

And this is the work facing all of us. The sincere search for who we are in the first instance and the full and courageous expression of this in the second. We will either pursue the full expression of who we are, or we won’t.

We have a choice and its personal.

I continue my own personal search and sometimes I find it incredibly overwhelming, scary and difficult. I am tested daily and often fail.

What keeps me going?

It’s the price.

The price I pay if I quit is ‘ME’ – and never knowing who I am or what expressing who I am can do for me and those around me.

This is why almost every project I am involved in is about sharing the journey towards self-expression with others. In essence this is a little selfish as it is the full expression of others – no matter how big or small their expression may appear to the rest of the world – that brings me back out of my shell each time I feel like hiding.

And for all the courageous souls who have touched my life through their expression I remain eternally grateful.

Here’s to David Robert Jones!

You fully expressed yourself, as David Bowie and the work you shared will endure in the hearts of those lucky enough to hear you forever.

And here’s to our full expression, whatever that may be, and may we have the courage to share it so others feel inspired to do the same.