I see red!

I’m done!

I’m angry and, well, almost done.

I am just about over the personal development world which to me seems stacked up to the eyeballs in bs, lies and, at best, half truths.

It needs to do things differently.

I am sick of people being manipulated into thinking they should be ashamed of their life and that they should feel guilty because they are ‘wasting’ it.

Seriously, a good solid man, woman or other who lead a ‘boring’ life taking incredible care of their children, so their kids might have an incredible life, probably feel some kind of shame and/or a lack of fulfilment in their own life. And they shouldn’t.

The term personal development has come to mean exactly that. ‘Personal’ development. It’s personal – live the life of your dreams, don’t worry about anyone else.

Seriously what kind of world focuses on manipulating laws of attraction and abundance for personal gain while their brothers and sisters starve and suffer in other parts of the world.

Everyday – I see the love and light post on social media, many accompanied by a quote by someone the ‘poster’ is most definitely not. In a world that purports to value authenticity, how can that possibly ‘be real’.

I think we are kidding ourselves.

Never mind others. You take what you want and create the life you need. Get all the likes on social media you can – even if it means stealing the concepts, words and ideas of another. Oh yeah – my beloved world of yoga is a great one for that. And I do mean beloved – there is no sarcasm there.

Don’t do the right thing and say, ‘this person showed me something amazing – you should check them out’ – no. Don’t do that.

Fleece the idea, change a word here and there, say it as if it’s yours, add #truth to it and sit back and wait for the love.

How driven the personal development world has become by fear, selfishness and ego.


The personal development industry has a very loose definition of truth.

If the personal development industry understood the spiritual truth of being human it would not exist, at least not as it is, today!

I believe it to be driven by money and fame and being perceived by the rest of the world as someone special – an expert or guru perhaps.

Whether this status is created with integrity doesn’t matter – just as long as the rest of the world is convinced.

I for one refuse to play such a game. As does ‘Phusion’.

I won’t celebrate an industry that creates feelings of guilt and shame so people will buy a product. Has anyone done a marketing course? It’s called attacking the pain point. Find what might be hurting someone and exploit that.

What do I truly believe? What do I believe is truth?

I believe that you being yourself, however that comes right now, is enough. No one has a right to measure you or to apply his or her own personal definition of success on you.

No one can possibly know what is best for you or how you should live.

What is best and most natural for you could earn you millions or mean you live a humble life volunteering in a third world country.

It could mean you’re the president of your country or run the coolest little bike shop in town.

It could mean you do a job you don’t love but that means you have the time, money and energy to be an amazing parent.

If whatever you are doing has a feeling of service behind it, a feeling that you are doing something for someone else or others, then that is enough. And, being a shared custodian of the planet, this is probably expected of all of us.

If you are broken right now, then that is enough.

Whatever you are experiencing right now is enough and you are worthy of the love and respect of yourself and others.


This is the premise behind all of my work. Love must be the source of all.

It must be.

We have built a billion dollar personal development industry upon shame, guilt, self- hatred, feelings of inadequacy and a desire to live up to the measurements of others.

I am angry we have let it go so far.

I am proud to share a simple philosophy of love, acceptance and service.

In my world there are no labels or measurements. There is no need for judgement.

If your heart beats to a rhythm of love, acceptance and a desire to serve others and the planet then you have life sussed.

You can sit back and allow the rest to take care of itself! You’re in the miracle space.

Oh, and why do I feel so strongly about this?

I feel strongly because I sit with the lost and broken and those consumed by feelings of self-hatred and feelings of never being enough.

I sit with them. And I have been them.

And it doesn’t have to be that way.

Phew..Okay…so…I’ve got that of my chest and it really is a beautiful day  – time for a nice cup of tea!

Everything is as it should be…just perfect.

Everyone has different views and beliefs , and I just felt like sharing some of mine.


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