Phusion Goes On The Attack!

Phusion Helen

Phusion living goes on the attack. Design  by Helen Savvas.

Phusion goes on the attack!

Have you ever experienced an emotional health issue? (For some reason I’m just not thrilled with the term mental health.)

I have! And those closest to me experienced it with me. Very few knew the full extent of my situation and even more were surprised to know it existed at all.

In this space I was in tatters and from this mess phusion was born.

I had been enlisting numerous therapies to help me defend against the feelings of emotional overload that were consuming me.

The problem wasn’t the therapies; they were helping me cope…just. The problem was I was defending. Think about that for a second, I was defending. When we defend we are actually powerless. When we manage something we are also powerless because in reality by defending and managing we are accepting things as they are.

I found myself in a cycle and it looked like this.

  1. Feel overwhelmed
  2. Choose a therapy
  3. Feel a little better
  4. Continue living as I had pre-therapy, in the same way, until I was feeling rattled again and…
  5. Repeat this cycle again… and again.

One weekend I decided enough was enough. Defence wasn’t working – it was time to attack. This led to the process I went through to begin the phusion approach to living, a process that aims to see you more fully express your life.

Basically I asked myself a series of questions – beginning with ‘who am I’?

Now, this isn’t a process for the fainthearted or for the satisfied and content. It is a process for the scared and anxious, the ashamed, the lost, the frustrated and the stuck. It is a process for those who, somewhere among the depths of their personal despair, hear a voice, ‘I’m ready if you are. Just say the word and we’re on!’

This voice belongs to YOU. The real you that remains untouched by fear and untainted by all of those hurtful and painful experiences you encountered in your past. And it is ready to roll and is waiting for you to bring to the world its full expression.

However, entering this process comes with a caveat. It requires a ruthless sense of honesty and responsibility. Where you are is your responsibility. Accepting this fact with a loving and forgiving heart is the beginning.

The beginning of true liberation!

I say beginning because what follows is a critical and penetrating examination of where you are holding back in life. For me, and I assume many of you, this examination will reveal you as someone who is holding back ‘heaps’ in many areas of your life.

At this point I will extend a gentle reminder that this post and process is for the unsatisfied. I am sure you know who you are.

And if you are having these feelings of dissatisfaction I am actually happy for you. They are the beginning of the ‘big reveal’ and nothing in your life could be more exciting. Keep an eye out for upcoming workshops and lectures about phusion philosophy.

It is also important to note before I close that this post is also NOT about ceasing therapies and medications. It is about expressing your life more fully, more simply and with a sense of connectedness to the world around you. If this brings added advantages to your life then I am thrilled.

Here’s to your full expression!



PS Please don’t hesitate contact me if you would like to know more about how the phusion approach to living can improve your life.

PPS Phusion goes on the attack this weekend with the very first Phusion Space event. ‘The Space’ kicks off on this Sunday afternoon in Canberra with discussion, music and our very first guest speaker. This is perhaps the most exciting phusion initiative to date.