Saving our Sons: The Making of a Modern Man

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Be it boy or girl you love –  or son or daughter you love and care for – Saving our Sons could be priceless.

It does not deal alone with the problems faced by all young people today. It examines what is required to help young people build a life upon a foundation meant to last.

This book is designed to help young people thrive and to live a life of energy and enthusiasm, a life well beyond coping and the question, ‘what’s the point?’

And don’t forget, adults are just big boys and girls to.

Product Description

The headlines tell us there is a problem:

“Men do cry: one man’s experience with depression.”

 “Boys need lessons to be men”

 “Boys don’t cry: Young men and suicide”

 The emotional challenges and issues facing young men are both serious and widespread. Even the tough guys competing in the world of elite sport are not immune to the frustrations, stress and anxiety of being a disconnected male. In the UK, male suicide rates are at their highest since 2001. In Australia the problem is also on the rise. Yes, we have a problem.

Saving our Sons, the book, maintains that prevention is better than a cure. Rather than solely dwelling on strategies to deal with depression and other emotional issues it sets out to help the readers and their families avoid them. It offers practical steps that will help young men connect with the ever-changing world around them. Rather than go on the defence, the aim of Saving our Sons: The Making of a Modern Man is to do its part to see that headlines such as those you read above, become a thing of the past.


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