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The Book: Saving Our Sons

Saving our Sons addresses one of the biggest problems faced by the world today – the emotional literacy of young men.

How can we help young men discover themselves and where they fit in to a world that is becoming increasingly unforgiving?

Saving our Sons sets out to assist the guardians of young males today to raise young men who have an acute sense of personal, social, familial and communal responsibility: men who strive to be strong and athletic as well as sensitive, creative and artistic; men who courageously share their unique gifts and talents with the world, fulfilling both their own potential while making the world a better place for their brothers and sisters.

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Report: Connectedness

Connectedness means the ability of adolescents to feel connected to or attached to groups of people, be it family or friends or societal institutions like school, that they find nourishing.

Adolescence is known for being the most turbulent time for both parents and children. During these years, children seek more independence and often end up challenging authority- be it the authority of parents or school. At a stage like this, it becomes increasingly difficult to assess the connectedness quotient of the child.

How do you distinguish between a connected teen and a disconnected teen? This report outlines the difference and the factors that influence connectedness, both positively and negatively.

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Report: Why Yoga?

Yoga has benefited people from all age groups, genders, occupations and cultures. Despite being a system of science that originated in India, it is now prevalent all over the world. By offering an alternative way of life, yoga is playing an important role in making the world a better place. This report gives an overview of the different types of yoga and meditation, and why they are of such great benefit.

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Workshops and Speaking:

Tim currently offers a range of workshops and will also design workshops around any of the themes or categories on this website. These unique and inspirational experiences are available to schools, businesses and the general public: please contact Tim through the Contact page to learn more.

Don’t hesitate to contact Tim about speaking at your school, business or event. This can also be done through the Contact page.


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