A friend of mine posted a chalkboard message on Facebook, which I found quite amusing.

It read, ‘I’m opening a gym called  ‘Resolutions’. It will have exercise equipment for the first two weeks and turn into a bar for the rest of the year’.

Not a lot of faith in resolutions! We are famous for setting goals and making resolutions as the New Year begins only see them fall to the wayside as we slip back into our traditional behaviour patterns.

Why is that, when our resolutions are such noble intentions?

Maybe some of the synonyms for the word resolution provide some clues. Try some of these: single-mindedness, willpower, persistence, perseverance, backbone, dedication, courage, commitment, pluck (a great word) and, something a little less formal, guts.

Generally speaking, the things we resolve (the base word for resolution) to do are tough. That’s why we need to show resolve.

The antonym of course is half-heartedness.

This year I have decided to bring one resolution to the table. And that is to continue doing the sincere work of better understanding who I am (away from the opinions and expectations of others) and expressing this with the world more wholeheartedly and with greater commitment than in the past, while still taking precious care of my relationships and myself.

For me this means more writing, more speaking, more music, more yoga and more time with other people who are committed to expressing themselves with honesty, integrity and courage.

I realise that by committing to this I will need to demonstrate the qualities listed above. I understand it will be challenging as it is only through challenges that the abovementioned qualities are revealed.

Where will we see courage unless there is a situation that demands it? Where can we show perseverance unless there is something with which to persevere?

I also know there will be times when I fall short of my own expectations and standards. I also commit to forgiving myself when this happens.

Some may argue that my resolution is not measurable. Oh, it’s measurable. I will know if I am succeeding. And that is all that matters.

Some may argue that it is not a resolution at all as it is something I am continuing. In one way they would be right, it is a continuation. But still, in it’s origin, a resolution.

Have you thought about what a more wholehearted expression of your life might look like? And can you make 2016 the year you experience this – the year of your most striking revelation to date!

To do so will be challenging. You will be leaving the safety of personal comfort zones and facing fears. You will be required to call upon all of the qualities listed earlier and then some.

You may be judged and stung by the opinions of others.

Or, for you, it might be easy!

But the reward will be YOU.

Not the You I think you should be. Not the YOU the personal development ‘gurus’ say you should be and not the YOU your friends and family say you should be.

But YOU! In a way that makes you happy, connected, challenged, fulfilled and peaceful.

You will be on a journey towards your kind of success – the only success that matters.

Here’s to your full expression in 2016 and all the perks that come with this!



PS Don’t forget that as you begin to express who you are more fully you have a responsibility to allow others to do the same, in the manner that suits them, not you!