The Key


The Key to living is to live in the most natural manner for you. This means not being afraid of your true nature and making choices that align to this nature.

When you are aligned to your true nature, life flows seamlessly. Even challenges inspire you, as they feel like the right challenges for you.

When things fall apart, we can put ourselves back together, more aware and more powerful, by following this three step plan.


The three step plan

1. Stillness.

2. Aligned Action

3. A Return to Harmony.


Control is impossible. But we can choose our responses.

We spend our lives trying to control things – but we can’t! The key to life is how we respond.

The right response restores harmony, and the wrong response leads to confusion and chaos.

We can cultivate the habit of finding stillness in difficult times.

This allows us to be more discerning, choosing the course of action that creates peace, rather than more fear.

Our congruence can be judged by the level of chaos in our lives. When our lives are peaceful, we will know that we are congruent.


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Image by Mayur Gala