‘Thou Shall Not Steal’


I recently witnessed an interesting sequence of events unfold on social media.

Someone had posted a message explaining an incredibly complex concept to the world.

Unfortunately for the ‘poster’, following several ‘likes’ and a number of ‘you legend’ type comments, someone who had been studying and working in this particular area for ‘15 years’ attacked the credibility of the statement. The ‘poster’ quickly referenced the name of the person they ‘learned’ it from.

Now this might seem like an innocuous everyday event on social media – it is! But it also highlights much of what is wrong with the world. And sadly, the culprits are often people who consider themselves a source of inspiration to others. I often wonder if they even stop to reflect on just how wrong this is.

So, in essence, what has happened here?

  1. Someone has taken ideas, knowledge and content belonging to another person and posted it as their own.
  2. They have (briefly in this case) enjoyed a reputational boost as a result of this theft.
  3. They have flatly rejected the natural process of give and receive and ‘taken’ only, in order to serve personal interests.
  4. They have denied the creator of the content the rightful credit and esteem that is due to them as a result of their efforts.
  5. Having not referred to the original source of the information they have also attempted to boost their own business on the blood, sweat, tears and intelligence of another.
  6. They have tried to sound smarter than they actually are.

I am not a fan of this kind of behaviour, yet it is happening day in and day out in a world where it has never been easier to create an impressive, but false, reputation.

I would also like to mention here ‘selective credit’. Where credit for something is given to a celebrity or someone well known but not to a friend or someone considered lesser. The obvious reason being you might get something out of the celebrity. Again the focus is on taking or receiving with genuine giving nowhere to be seen.

In contemporary times, this behaviour is rife and when looked at with honesty, quite simply, is stealing.

We see it with ideas, concepts, writing and visual images. Nothing is safe!

Again, let’s explore the essence of what is happening.

I spoke about this with a sincerely spiritual Hindu friend of mine. She said, ‘you might as well break into someone’s house and steal from them!’

She’s right! But we can take this scenario a little further.

It’s actually like breaking into someone’s house and stealing their most prized necklace and then running around the streets saying, ‘Look at my necklace!’ And then feeding off the awe and admiration of those who see it!

At least the thief who steals the necklace has the courage to put his or her freedom on the line. They are bold and daring – though their heart is dark!

The thief who sits at a computer trolling and then stealing intellectual property to claim as his or her own, not only has a dark heart, but they lack courage as well. I am not sure it gets more sinister than this – particularly when many who are doing it often write about concepts such as authenticity.

 Stealing is stealing!

It hurts the people who have been stolen from and hurts all of humanity as well.

To ‘not steal’ is one of the famed Ten Commandments and in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras the Yama that refers to ‘non-stealing’ is known as asteya. In both, the concept of stealing runs much deeper than the clearly evidenced physical act of theft.

Unfortunately, this is a blog post, so my time and space is limited. These concepts will be explored with greater depth for phusion spirit members through my poem, ‘The Invisible Thief’ and in an upcoming chapter of ‘God Told Me To Tell You!’

In the meantime, what can you do?

Well, if you are going to post inspirational content or eye-catching visual images that you have sourced from somewhere else then simply give credit where it’s due. Tell your followers where you found it and give them the option of exploring the world of the rightful owner of the content. When you steal the rightful audience from the original source you are, in all likelihood, stealing from them financially as well.

On this matter I have heard the argument, ‘but everyone is doing it!’

I’m not talking about everyone here! I’m talking about you.

If ‘everyone’ is a thief, you may want to rethink your involvement with ‘everyone’!

We are all human, we all make mistakes and we all deal with life’s pressures in different ways, but bringing more awareness to the intentions behind our actions is a process available to us at any time. We have all ‘pinched a little from somewhere’ at some stage, but with greater awareness comes better decisions and with better decisions comes greater peace and harmony for all involved. I know bringing awareness to my own values and principles when making decisions has been invaluable.

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